INTIMACY WITH FEAR (or, the inside of your home is the inside of you and vice versa)

November 1, 2014 - April 2, 2015


APRIL 2nd 2015, from 5 pm to 9 pm at DARE-DARE'd trailer, near metro St-Laurent.
March 28th 2015
RATS 9 Gallerie, Belgo Building, 372 Ste-Catherine Ouest, Suite 530. Starting 1pm, extended duration performance lasting 6-8 hours. 
Audience is welcome to come and go.
Dying Continually 
(Part of Intimacy with Fear)

For Intimacy with Fear (or, The inside of your home is the inside of you and vice versa), I released a public call for people living in Montreal and surrounding areas, to bring me into their homes or places they live, and have a conversation about fear. From these meetings, I am creating a portrait of each encounter. The portraits are in the medium of live performance art. Rather then a literal rendering of the meeting, each portrait strives to touch a moment or element of the encounter that was important for me.
On March 28th, all the portraits that are meant for a public audience will be shared under the title Dying Continually.
My deepest thanks to the participants I met with, those who emailed but whom I was not able to meet, and to DARE-DARE for their generous faith and support in this work.


I invite you to invite me
to the place where you live. I invite you to invite me 
to explore your objects, your space...ask you questions
we will negotiate what I am allowed to look at, you will show me things that are important to you, I will look inside your books, your sock drawer, you will tell me about the coffee table that belonged to your mother... we will talk about fear. We will talk about fear.
We will become intimate with each other by becoming intimate with our own fear. In return, and as a way of sharing with others, I will make a performance that is a portrait of our encounter. 
For Intimacy with Fear (or, The inside of your home is the inside of you and vice versa) Adriana Disman is putting out a public call for people living in Montreal and surrounding areas, to bring the artist to their homes or place they live, and have a conversation about fear. From this encounter, Disman will create a performance that is a portrait of their encounter. Performance portraiture is, for Disman, similar to photographic portraiture.
To make an appointment:
email and write a few lines about yourself and why you want to participate in this project (the artist asks for this because she only has the capacity for a limited number of performance portraits and is striving to offer the work to a diverse range of participants). 

Adriana Disman is a performance art maker, thinker, and curator based in Toronto and Montreal. Whether live performance, photo, video, or text, her axis of creation is always the body. She is particularly interested in durational, participatory, and one-to-one performance. Disman is engaged in exploring the threshold of vulnerability as a catalyst for intimacy and intimacy as a catalyst for transformation. To this end, she often generates performance structures that facilitate intimate exchange with an outcome that is unknown and determined by the participant. She is also fascinated with questioning intimacy's radical political potential, particularly when placed within the public sphere. Her performance and curatorial interests intersect with her research in Performance Studies as well as anti-racist, queer feminisms.

Disman’s work has been shown across North America in the context of galleries and festivals including Visualeyez (Edmonton), Mobius Inc. (Boston), Times Square (NYC), SKOL artist-run centre (Montreal), Buddies in Bad Times Theatre (Toronto). Her photography and performance work has been published in ETC Contemporary Art Magazine, Passive Collective Vols. 2 & 3, and Kapsula Art Criticism Magazine. She has a forthcoming scholarly text in Canadian Theatre Review on the ethics of participatory performance documentation and is editing Theatre Review in Canada’s spring 2015 Forums section.

Disman recently curates LINK & PIN performance art series (Toronto), sits on the board of directors of The School of Making Thinking (New York), and co-founder of Lines of Flight (LoF) Institute for Performance, Spirituality, and Politics (Montreal) with Danièle Bourque. She holds an M.A. in Theatre and Performance Studies from York University and is a graduate of the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre (NYC).

Images : Adriana Disman, Christian Bujold, DARE-DARE 


a portrait between two : while the performer performs the writer watches and writes

by karen elaine spencer



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