May 7, 2019


The experience

Artist-run centre DARE-DARE, located near Atwater Market, focuses on exploring, questionning and bringing forward an evolution of contemporary art practices, spaces and modes of dissemination and to promote their democratization and accessibility. The tour will be commented by the author, artist and PhD candidate Nicholas Dawson, who is currently participating in a writer’s residency, inspired by the neighbourhood surrounding the trailer and the experience of public dissemination of his writings.

The conference

Following the tour, participants will move around the Petite-Bourgogne neighbourhood, towards Centre culturel Georges-Vanier to attend a conversation facilitated by Christian Poirier, professor at the Centre Urbanisation Culture Société of the INRS.

The thematic

Issues around communication are at the core of urban studies. Development projects within a neighborhood, wether they concern it globally (The Innovation Quarter, for example) or according to a more micro approach  (specific projects, ephemeral, etc.) necessarily raise the question of communications between partners of a project (public, private, unions, citizens, etc.)

To bring it farther than its traditional meaning of transmission of information from one person (source) to a recipient (public), communication is also seen more broadly, in a social conception, as a plurality of partners engaging in different ways on a common situation. Communication is then a relationship, a meeting between world views, sharing, conversations in public spaces. Its conditions of existence represent a core issue in the development of a democratic framework to foster citizen participation and approprition of public spaces.

The Panelists


•  Nicholas Dawson (author, artist/PhD student, UQAM)  
•  Hanieh Ziaei (art sociologist/ executive director, Centre culturel Georges-Vanier
•  Imen Ben Jemia (researcher, CRIEM
•  Geneviève Massé (member of DARE-DARE)



17h15              Meeting at DARE-DARE

17h30-17h35  Welcoming speech (CRIEM/QI)

17h35-18h20  Tour of DARE-DARE

18h20-18h30  Walk and set up at Centre culturel Georges-Vanier

18h30-19h25  Panel

19h25-19h30  Closing and acknowloedgments

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