Context is Everything

October 20, 2021 - March 31, 2022
The artist will present various interventions in the public space and online that will extend until spring 2022.

"Yes to the yessness of this yesyesyes most timely and restorative of projects that is slipping into the spaces around the words. I applied as myself-messy-unedited-speed-talking-thinking. Thus and therefore a contract was made. Mmmmmmmm, yeah, uh huh. Joy! Celebration! Sadness! Listen! See Feel! Move! Emotional shared riddles. A whale with its mouth wide open. Why? When? How? What it? Eyes open too. Portals! Time-travelling! Freedoms! Burdens! Alphabets! Anarchist-not-anarchist. Be yourself ok?  I and I. Militant, maybe. Life art eat apples talk sleep breath dream prance drink tea dress preen swirl. I'll give you hints but never the whole story, watching you all the while. Language and meaning evades. Sometimes I forget and bask in those sun rays, enjoying what there is, Inigo gap-toothed chats with the grasshoppers and calls me over to join in the funs."  Thank you DARE-DARE 

Anna Jane McIntyre is a visual artist-parent with a practice combining shapeshifting, mark-making, thinking, doing, looking, breathing, $5-improv-benevolent-capitalism and microactivism. Anna's work investigates how people perceive, create and maintain their notions-of-self, belonging and culture through behaviour and visual cues.

Projects may incorporate giant emojis, feminist-foosball-tables, community workshops, parade floats, commercial signage, thinking forests, urban ecology forest-school cahiers prioritizing BIPOC kids, time-travelling-soundscapes-mapping-abstract-narratives, Speaker's corners, love-letter-services and homages-for-the-forgotten.

Anna's projects are an expression of Afropresentism that combine her cultural influences (Trinidadian, British, adoptive-Canadian) through the juxtaposition of familiar materials in novel contexts. Her work acknowledges the past and present, imagining a surreal dream of what is to come. 

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