Sensitive and guided tours

August 20, 2016 - August 21, 2016
Saturday, August 20th @ 4 pm and Thursday 25th August @ 6pm
departures from DARE-DARE, .
(27 people maximum per tour) you must register to:

Promenades blanches was developed by Alain Michard and Mathias Poisson, both willing to share their perceptions of a city with their inhabitants, involving visual art, during a series of workshops.

Promenades blanches is performed in situ. The city itself is the main material for the performance for which the public is invited to experiment a sensitive reading of it : long, silent and collective walks in the city through a very simple but strong device enable the participants to open a new imaginary. The walkers become a cohesive group connected to the body language. It is an intence experience, both intimate and collective. 

Production Louma

In partnership with Human Playground, DARE DARE, Ateliers Jean Brillant and UQAM-dance department

with the support of the French Institute, the city of Rennes and Rennes Métropole

with the complicity of Katya Montaignac

Louma is supported by le Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication-DRAC Bretagne, la Région Bretagne and Rennes city.