Lina Choi

Workshop "Soundwalk along the Water"

June 9, 2023
June 9 from 4-6pm at Daisy Peterson Sweeney Park.

A workshop by sound artist Lina Choi takes place Friday June 9th from 4-6pm near the DARE-DARE offices. It consists of a walk along the Lachine Canal to capture sounds of water, but also sounds of trees, leaves, rocks, anything that can be captured. It starts at Daisy Peterson Sweeney Park and leads to explore the sounds around the park and the canal by way of the Charlevoix bridge. Everyone will have the opportunity to listen to several recordings and talk about them freely; how sounds are felt, how they are created...


Amanda Rodriguez, Catherine Gagné, Celine Bianchi, Elsy Zavarce, Laurence Beaudoin, Morin, Nicole Panneton, Raquel Cruz Crespo, Stefania Hernandez, Vincent Charlebois, Virginie Fournier

Soundwalk along the Water

The project is a soundwalk workshop involving field recording, walking, listening, and discussion.

During the workshop, participants and the artist will record sounds outside with portable recorders. The recordings take place along the Lachine Canal, but can be continued while the group is heading back to DARE-DARE, listening to  the city noises. A moment has been planned to listen to several recordings through speakers and talk about them freely; how we feel about the sounds, how we create the sounds, etc.

Lina Choi has been researching the sound of water and shown sensory and immersive sound works through installations and performances. With DARE-DARE, she plans to collaborate/interact with more people to share ideas of water and sounds, aiming for creating a surround soundscape with sounds recorded by workshop participants.

The goal for the participants would be to have a new aural experience hearing amplified sounds from recorders and exploring sounds around our daily life which we miss or ignore.

Lina Choi is a Montreal-based artist who majored in sculpture at the Royal College of Art in London (UK). In her current artistic research, she explores aural imagery through performance and installation, focusing on creating sound. She seeks immersive sensory, and meditative projects that encourage audiences to interact with her work. She also tries to understand how the identity of individual humans is located in societies. She will be participating in an artist residency at Est-Nord-Est in 2023, and also showing a sound installation for her solo exhibition Flotter dans les Profondeurs at Atoll Art Actuel in 2024. Her sound project Under the Waves has been presented at Sporobole in Sherbrooke with the PIVOT program curated by the Canadian League of Composers. In 2022, she presented her sound performances at OBORO and RIPA in Montreal and her sound installation was exhibited for Poste Audio at Centre Clark in Montreal.

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