Mélissa Simard and Camilche Cardenas

Minorité invisible

November 1, 2014 - November 25, 2014

A collective project proposed by Mélissa Simard, Pedro Carbajal, Simon Douville
_Director: Mélissa Simard and Camilche Cardenas.

As part of DARE-DARE RADIO. 74:11 min

Minorité invisible must be listened to with a blindfold. The project's subject is the dissemination and poeticization of the sound territory, the search for the invisible. The radio triptych is composed of an experience of urban strolling in the company of three people living with a visual handicap. The creation is designed so that the listener is overwhelmed by the sound images and other spatial and sensory references used by the visually impaired in their daily life whithin the city.

In the tone of the confidence, the listener becomes a privileged witness of the past (memories) and the present of the blind guide. The individual decided on the trip, public or private places to visit, delivering his desires, his impressions / reflections on the scene through the interpretation of sounds, smells, etc. It is thus a (re)discovery oriented on the let-go, the incursion in the daily moment, the stroll, the time which stops while putting in brackets for the listener the direction of the view. We are thus in the presence of an unexplored territory, that of a world without vision.

The listener is led to understand how to navigate through the invisible, how the sensory resources of the seers are obsolete in an environment based on the auditory and tactile imagination. The narration of the visually impaired person mixes with the effects of audio art and sound abstraction aimed at moments to surprise, destabilize, or affect the listener's emotion. The city is an important character in Minorité invisible landscape, it can be touched, listened to, but can not be seen. We thus propose a total incursion in the world of voice, sound, noise, city rhythms, steps which go following a blind walk.

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