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December 8, 2015 - June 1, 2016
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July 7, 2015

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DARE-DARE is very enthusiastic about the idea of presenting the latest creation of the conceptual artist Steve Giasson, entitled Performances invisibles, as part of “Micro-interventions in public space”. This extensive and very ambitious project will take place over a full year (a rare event on the Canadian cultural scene!). In total,130 performances will be reenacted! 

These performances will first take the form of textual statements that will be published online on a dedicated website (, twice a week, on TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS, in French, English and Spanish, as well as will be shared on the DARE-DARE Facebook page. Then, Steve Giasson will activate them, discreetly.

Similarly, the public, both nationally and internationally, will be cordially invited to activate, without any prior authorization and at any timeone or more of these performances and to submit documentation (photos, videos, sound tracks, texts) surrounding these activations, so that it be put in line with each of the statements on this website.

In the continuity of the Steve Giasson’s conceptual work, these performances - often minimalist and dry wit – will quote on several occasions some avant-garde movements (Futurism, Dada, Fluxus, Conceptual Art, Pop Art, etc.), that have sought to bring down the borders between art and life, over the last century. They thus register in a critical and often engaged approach of artistic creation in the margins of the art market, using resources within the reach of everyone, in the most diverse and the most trivial places (gym, bookstore, library, public toilets...) and without fear of provoking.


Steve Giasson is a conceptual artist who uses a wide variety of forms and mediums (conceptual writing, performances, installation, video...) in order to transgress genders and interrogate their limits. He has 20 publications to his credit and he is currently pursuing a doctorate in education and arts practices (UQAM). His work has featured in nine different countries in North America and Europe, including at the Liverpool Biennial 2012 (Liverpool), the Museum Brandhorst (Munich) and the Gagosian Gallery (NYC and Paris). He is the winner of the Prix de La Vitrine culturelle (prize of the cultural showcase) for an emerging artist and of a distinction of the Cirque du Soleil, awarded within the framework of the Art Souterrain 2015.

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