Programming Launch


June 23, 2022

DARE-DARE invites members, colleagues, neighbors and friends from all its networks on June 23rd from 6pm at the CÉDA for its annual program launch. The stormy weather calls for a departure from the traditional open air, but the atmosphere is still very garden party with hot dogs, music, BAR-BAR and zip-a-zip-laï-laï. The list of artists selected to inhabit and activate the next Daredarian year will be revealed!

The event is festive: by officially announcing the artistic content of the center's new year of dissemination, we are celebrating the innovative energy, the joyful and daring determination of the artists who are pursuing their research and interventions in the public space, and also, the mission, always renewed, of DARE-DARE, to accompany them in their productions.


The upcoming programming, WHAT ARE YOU GOING THROUGH?, built on the notions of experience and translation, invites, exceptionally this year for the 37th anniversary of DARE-DARE, a record number of 46 artists or collectives to question, elaborate, imagine and realize a new project. The programming committee invites them to bear witness to what is going on in their lives, including the shards of the global zeitgeist.

In addition to its regular programming: Public Writing, Interventions in the Public Space and the occasional activities of the Critical Space Committee, including the animation of the HALTE, DARE-DARE is inaugurating a new programming in 2022-2023: CONFLUENCES, the South-West's newest residency program, an initiative of DARE-DARE in collaboration with the Borough.

In addition to this already rich program, in 2022-2023, the highly anticipated publication SATELLITE, A Decade of Transcontinental Explorations (2011-2021), featuring 19 artists and authors, will be launched, as well as the event PASSEPORT, a special 37th anniversary edition of DARE-DARE.

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