January 8, 2022

Closing event of Laurence Beaudoin Morin's micro-residency at the HALTE

Laurence Beaudoin Morin, Alexis Belzile, Sophie Chabot, Catherine Lalonde Massecar, Julie-Isabelle Laurin, Myriam Le Ber, Hugo Nadeau, Anne-Marie Ouellet, Josianne Poirier et Hélène Chartier met in distance for a potluck of micro-actions, writings and performative traces. The recordings of outdoor actions, the narration of past events, synthetic spaces and a collective Yi King experience followed one another in a spontaneous and playful way.

The ACTIONS CIRCLE takes the form of a sharing of the experience of an ongoing process, punctuated by performative diversions, including actions and readings by the artist and the participants. Participants are invited to create short scripts of performative actions to be inserted in the three spaces proposed by the artist.

During her micro-residency at The HALTE last October, Laurence Beaudoin Morin created new workspaces based on the correspondence between textual and graphic works, as sites of possibilities (or impossibilities) where to compose performative actions. The essence of the artist's work consists of collaborative experimentations, according to the methodology of an in situ creation, in order to experience the power of action in these spaces.

The residency has been devoted to the creation of surprising associations, new connections and weaving references among the collection; the creation of utopian sub-spaces and of ways to transform them through an emancipatory, relational and restorative projection.

Laurence then invites the audience to enter these spaces with her, through the elaboration of performative scripts, whether into action or through text. The ACTIONS CIRCLE will allow the audience to experiment with implausible or exaggerated situations, without being limited to them. This form is understood for its ability to open up imaginations that seek to go beyond environmental, historical, political, temporal, meteorological, etc. limitations, while remaining in resonance with them.

Laurence Beaudoin Morin is a performance artist from Montreal. In her work, she intends to initiate a reflection on the practice of gathering by highlighting the complexity of its praxis. As an initiator and documenter of circumstances that are conducive to encounters and learning about our self-determination, Laurence develops a practice based on collective work. She aims to create circumstances conducive to the sharing of knowledge through the political vitality of the process. Working primarily in urban unused lots and residual spaces, she proposes a liminal understanding of these locations, where bodies in movement define their relational landscape.

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