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  • Lina Choi

    Lina Choi
    All We Sea - Under the Waves II

    The artist has created an audio landscape based on sound snippets collected by participants in the Soundwalk along the Water workshop held on the banks of the Lachine Canal in June 2023.

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  • (aka Joni Cheung)

    (aka Joni Cheung)
    Songs to my Ancestors

    Songs to my Ancestors, a collective musical compilation produced following a call for participation, is an audio piece that explores how radio broadcasts connect - through sound waves - members of the diaspora to family, friends and others, now separated by land and water.

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  • Unjust Geographies

    Unjust Geographies
    Outdoor urban cinema

    Documentary series that explores unjust hierarchies, forms of inequality or simply how citizens around the world experience the negative effects of an unjust society.

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  • Martín Rodríguez

    Martín Rodríguez
    Silent Vectors: Sound under Quarantine

    "Silent Vectors: Sound under Quarantine" is a series of environmental sound recordings that focus on urban silences resulting from protective measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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  • Noisy and gourmet reading group

    Reading circle
    Noisy and gourmet reading group

    DARE-DARE’s Espace Critique committee presents a duo of reading circles on the theme: NOISE.

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  • Nady Larchet and Stéphanie Nuckle

    Nady Larchet and Stéphanie Nuckle
    Laliberté & Boisjoly

    Nady Larchet and Stéphanie Nuckle's Duology project takes the form of soundtracks and furtive interventions in the public space.

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    Phony Monuments - Hygienic update May 2020

    The heart of the "Phony Monuments" project is an audio-guided tour in the south of Montreal, which follows an itinerary comprised of different stops in the neighbourhoods of St-Henri, Griffintown and along the Lachine Canal.

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  • Mélissa Simard and Camilche Cardenas

    Mélissa Simard and Camilche Cardenas
    Minorité invisible

    "Minorité invisible" must be listened to with a blindfold. The project's subject is the dissemination and poeticization of the sound territory, the search for the invisible.

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    To increase and refine its field of action, DARE-DARE innovates this year and grafts a punctual radio component to its programming.

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    Le lutteur à l'eau de rose

    Performance tribute to the signer Fernand Gignac. Come sing your popular tune in "friendly duels" on September 24th, starting at 6 pm on Place des Arts Esplanade in front of the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art.

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  • Magali Babin and Sylvie Cotton

    Magali Babin and Sylvie Cotton

    In this ambitious project, the artists Magali Babin and Sylvie Cotton will collect the first names of every person living in the HJM, creating a unique soundtrack from the collection.

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    This year's DARE-DARE GALA promises to be a memorable one. Held in partnership with the RCAAQ, it will be twinned with the RES ARTIS international conference.

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  • Anti-cool

    Lone orchestra

    Lone Orchestra is a medley of video, music, and performance. For anti-cool, the japanese artist, it is also a project combining multiple substitutions, sweet imitations, and intimate connections.

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  • Deborah Margo and Devora Neumark

    Deborah Margo and Devora Neumark
    Why should we cry : lamentations in a winter garden

    This participative project has been instigated by the suffering linked to the dissension and alienation that penetrate all spheres of life at the end of the first decade of the XXI century.

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  • Matthew Biederman

    Matthew Biederman
    DARE Dx

    The electromagnetic spectrum is the breakdown of the electric or magnetic field in which we live every day.

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  • J.R. Carpenter

    J.R. Carpenter
    In absentia

    In absentia is a web-based writing project that addresses gentrification and its erasures in the Mile End neighbourhood of Montreal.

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