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    À la recherche de la variable humaine (X)

    To explore the theme of “Methods and games of space: zones of existence" as part of DARE-DARE's programming, Catherine Lalonde Massecar proposes an approach based on the Machine génératrice de protocoles (mgP) she created in 2022.

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  • Sarah Naomi Zakaib

    Sarah Naomi Zakaib

    For her project at DARE-DARE, Sarah Naomi Zakaib produced replicas of her grandmother's ring, with the aim of passing them on to others in the form of individual performance-meetings.

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  • Micro-residency - DARE-DARE, institution instituante?

    Micro-residency - DARE-DARE, institution instituante?
    Camille Richard

    Following her micro-residency at La HALTE, researcher Camille Richard will lead a reflective workshop entitled: DARE-DARE, institution instituante?

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  • DARE-DARE under construction

    DARE-DARE under construction
    projecting dis/location 7

    The open-air exhibition presents the results of research carried out in partnership by the École d'architecture de l'Université de Montréal and the artist-run center DARE-DARE.

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  • Mighty Sarah Johnson

    Mighty Sarah Johnson

    A reporter with polymorphous powers investigates the day-to-day reality of sexual and gender minorities at Polytechnique Montréal. Eyebrows raised.

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    CONFLUENCES residency

    For the second edition of the CONFLUENCES residency, DARE-DARE welcomes Annabelle Brazeau for 8 weeks. Her project Histoire de famille - récits dessinés is a comic strip micro-edition produced in collaboration with a literacy group.

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  • Florencia Sosa Rey

    Florencia Sosa Rey
    FAAS 7

    The performance The Colour of Distance is an exploration by artist Florencia Sosa Rey of her interest in hospitality and its cultural differences through the simple act of greeting.

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  • Lina Choi

    Lina Choi
    All We Sea - Under the Waves II

    The artist has created an audio landscape based on sound snippets collected by participants in the Soundwalk along the Water workshop held on the banks of the Lachine Canal in June 2023.

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  • Introduction to Mending

    Introduction to Mending
    Workshop with Andy Maple

    Come spend an enjoyable afternoon at the CÉDA where Andy Maple will guide you in learning how to mend.

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  • (aka Joni Cheung)

    (aka Joni Cheung)
    Songs to my Ancestors

    Songs to my Ancestors, a collective musical compilation produced following a call for participation, is an audio piece that explores how radio broadcasts connect - through sound waves - members of the diaspora to family, friends and others, now separated by land and water.

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  • Camille Deslauriers Ménard

    Camille Deslauriers Ménard
    Une histoire du bout des doigts / A story from the fingertips

    "Une histoire du bout des doigts" is first of all a walk to a place, a center for the elderly, it is a collection of natural materials on the urban territory, it is a presence full of benevolence...

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  • María Ezcurra

    María Ezcurra
    The other face of the mask

    For over a year, Maria Ezcurra has been working on a series of masks that explore and reveal the conflict between our need for protection and the ability to convey our own identity, deeply affected by this recent pandemic.

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  • Camila Vásquez

    Camila Vásquez
    CONFLUENCES residency

    From a daily and rigorous collection of her dreams and observation of everyday life circumstances, Camila Vásquez develops research processes surrounding the dream space.

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    Les manœuvres poétiques de la Côte

    The words collide. They form black diamonds, the poetic jewels of Club Ami.

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  • Anna Jane McIntyre

    Anna Jane McIntyre
    The Freedom Tenderness Trade Context aka Movement Is Our Medicine

    This 3 parts project (desktop documentary, pair of fabric banners & community workshop) is an offering of hope and joy to the Sud-Ouest Montreal community.

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  • Fabuler l'école

    Fabuler l'école
    Fabuler lécole
    Green Classroom

    This edition of Fabuler l'école in the "Green Classroom" formula took place over 3 days in the open air, gathering a group of approximatively 15 people to imagine and experience alternative pedagogies.

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