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  • Micro-residency at La Halte - Lire entre les lignes

    Micro-residency at La Halte - Lire entre les lignes
    Janick Burn

    Author, curator and artist Janick Burn invites you to the DARE-DARE offices to take part in Lire entre les lignes, a reading and writing workshop arising from her micro-residency at La HALTE.

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  • DARE-DARE under construction

    DARE-DARE under construction
    projecting dis/location 7

    The open-air exhibition presents the results of research carried out in partnership by the École d'architecture de l'Université de Montréal and the artist-run center DARE-DARE.

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    True to its tradition, DARE-DARE favors in situ action art practices that incorporate a perspective on space and time as a formal and conceptual component of the work.

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  • Storytelling with Tania Baladi

    Storytelling with Tania Baladi
    Little Burgundy Street Festival

    As part of the Little Burgundy Street Festival, DARE-DARE invites you to a storytelling event featuring Tania Baladi in Parc Sainte-Cunégonde.

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    Festive and creative launch of TRYSPACES week at Parc Sainte-Cunégonde.

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  • Programming launch

    Programming launch
    Mutual futures (2023-2024)

    DARE-DARE invites members, neighbors, friends, teams, out-of-breath people and matchheads on June 16 at 5:30 p.m. in Parc Ste-Cunégonde for its annual program launch!

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  • Florencia Sosa Rey

    Florencia Sosa Rey
    FAAS 7

    The performance The Colour of Distance is an exploration by artist Florencia Sosa Rey of her interest in hospitality and its cultural differences through the simple act of greeting.

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  • Introduction to Mending

    Introduction to Mending
    Workshop with Andy Maple

    Come spend an enjoyable afternoon at the CÉDA where Andy Maple will guide you in learning how to mend.

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  • Micro-residency at la HALTE - Todo Lengua

    Micro-residency at la HALTE - Todo Lengua
    Marcela Bórquez

    The project Todo Lengua is an invitation to become language, completely and in every sense. It seeks to offer a space for embodied and collective reading to find relationships between words, sounds, bodies and territories.

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  • Unjust Geographies

    Unjust Geographies
    Outdoor urban cinema

    Documentary series that explores unjust hierarchies, forms of inequality or simply how citizens around the world experience the negative effects of an unjust society.

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  • Collectif L'Araignée

    Collectif LAraignée
    Laboratory of exploration in performative urban interventions

    The collective has brought together artists Pilar Escobar, kimura byol-lemoine, Noémi McComber and Helena Martin Franco to invest the Vinet Park and its surroundings.

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  • Micro-residency at la HALTE - Lectures Héliotropes

    Micro-residency at la HALTE - Lectures Héliotropes
    Phorie Collective

    The collective Phorie takes posession of the HALTE for a few days of research in our collection, followed by a collective activity similarly to a Circle of reading.

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  • Launch tour

    Launch tour
    SATELLITE, a decade of transcontinental explorations

    The SATELLITE launch tour revisits the locations of its cross-border artistic explorations with several of the authors and artists of the anthology.

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  • Fabuler l'école

    Fabuler l'école
    Fabuler lécole
    Green Classroom

    This edition of Fabuler l'école in the "Green Classroom" formula took place over 3 days in the open air, gathering a group of approximatively 15 people to imagine and experience alternative pedagogies.

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    Reading circle

    Closing event of Laurence Beaudoin Morin's micro-residency at DARE-DARE's HALTE. Opened to participants!

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  • Micro-residencies at the HALTE

    Micro-residencies at the HALTE
    Laurence Beaudoin Morin and Collectif Leisure (Meredith Carruthers & Susannah Wesley)

    Laurence Beaudoin Morin and Leisure collective (Meredith Carruthers & Susannah Wesley) come at The HALTE for brief research residencies in our collection, in preparation for collective activities they will initiate.

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