Ariane De Blois

Frictions - the podcast

February 5, 2020 - April 8, 2020

The purpose of this series of podcasts is to offer visibility to the words of the artists who participated in FRICTIONS programming (2018-2019), by giving them, individually, a long speaking time. To do this, the author in residence Ariane De Blois has chosen to produce intimate audio portraits where the artists share their reflections on their project carried out by Dare-dare, but also, more generally, their research and approach. Ariane's reflexive contribution and exchanges are part of our Critical Space programming section.

Available podcasts :

Balados :

A discussion with Nathalie Derome

This podcast is dedicated to Nathalie Derome and her BOBO MEDIA poetry project, presented in the DARE-DARE illuminated sign. The artist discusses her fascination with language and shares her concerns about short and disembodied forms of communication.

A discussion with Lieven Meyer (Artist Website)

This podcast is dedicated to Lieven Meyer and his Phony Monuments audio tour project. Born in East Berlin, the artist addresses the impact of the ultra-rapid gentrification of the neighborhood of his childhood following the fall of the wall. He then reflects on the ideological discourse, notably of property developers, who underlie the transformation of Griffintown into a habitable "no man's land", and explains the underside of his augmented audio guide.

A discussion with Les Sabines (Collective Website)

In this podcast, Les Sabines collective discusses its public art project "Message pour le futur (1% non sollicité)". The two accomplices explain what underline this work of public art, not authorized by the municipality. They state their reflections on the art world, ranging from the endless status of emerging artists to architecture integration policies.

A discussion with Mona Sharma (artist Website)

In this bilingual podcast (fr./ang.) dedicated to Mona Sharma and her fanzine True Tales of Intrigue (Récits d'intrigues véritables). Petite-Bourgogne / St-Henri edition, the artist explains how gentrification contributes to the erasure of specific stories to working class neighborhoods.

A discussion with Helena Martin Franco (artist Website)

This podcast is dedicated to Helena Martin Franco and her performance project ALTÉROPHILIE or Le jeu des forces de Fritta Caro. The artist shares her reflections on her performative practice and tackles in a sensitive manner various subjects ranging from the cultural homogeneity of the art world to the coloniality of power, including censorship and a feeling of despair experienced by immigrants.

A discussion with Julie Delporte (artist Website)

This podcast is dedicated to Julie Delporte and her poetry project Décroissance sexuelle, presented in the luminous sign of DARE-DARE. Among other things, the artist discusses group therapy in the context of the culture of rape, her desire to take care of her readers and the importance of beauty and sorority for her.

A discussion with karen elaine spencer (artist Website)

This podcast is dedicated to karen elaine spencer and her project Movin' the charter. The artist evokes her fascination with the Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms and talks about different liberticide policies aimed at marginalizing certain populations. She also discusses her approach, her interest in working in the street and collaborating with people.

Ariane De Blois, graduate in art history from McGill University, has been active and teaching in the contemporary art community for fifteen years as an author, art critic and independent curator. She was part of the editorial board of Esse arts + opinions from 2014 to 2018 and her texts have been published in various magazines (Esse arts + opinions, Espace art moderne, Etc, Spirale). Her curatorial projects have been presented, among other places, at the Havana Biennale, at the Stadtgalerie in Bern and at the Centro Nacional de las Artes in México. Her most recent curatorial project is the COZIC. From 1967 to today retrospective exhibition presented at Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec.

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