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Hugo Nadeau's new publications

June 21, 2019
(136 pages B&W), Éditions Boucane
Price : 7$ 
To give each other an image of this "Too much reality" that Annie Le Brun was talking about, let's first try to gather the ideas we have about it. What if they were less contradictory than we thought ? Fresh, rich, filled with experiences that know us ? What if we could find caverns, underground knots, hidden arms in great numbers ? A breach, a potential, able to strip us like rabbit skin ? The Trop de réalité zine is a neighboring exercise with 117 authors, screaming with honesty under their collective mask-shield. A gift to everyone from everyone, a first spying report. 
Fanzine Le sauna-rin 150W :
(60 colored pages), Éditions Le Lobe
Price : 10$
In this unknown hour of gracious year 2019, 7 participants and myself lock each other in the gallery Lobe for a 60-hour "fuckallthentic" retreat. Le Lobe dies and is reborn a fourth time as we brush our bodies with darkness.