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To artists from near and far, DARE-DARE is pleased to submit its call for projects for its 2014 programming. Stimulated by the frightening current events, DARE-DARE is looking for projects that are scary this year.

This call is closed

an open call proposed by: Laurence N. Béland, Francys Chenier, Marie-Suzanne Désilets, Julie Faubert, Gonzague Verdenal, Sarah Zakaib and Martin Dufrasne

To local, non-local and international artists, DARE-DARE has the pleasure of presenting this call for submissions for its 2014 programming. This year, in response to appalling current events, DARE-DARE is looking for projects which frighten: fear of oneself or of others, of rejection and of emptiness, of lie or debate. Fear to disturb or fail, of oblivion or silence, of being fooled – spied on – trapped – misunderstood, of not being able to understand. Scared of the night, of disappearing, of an attack, of repression, of crowds, gluten and spiders…
Throughout the selection process, the committee will favour projects that echo this theme. DARE-DARE will be especially sensitive to proposals that strip and lay bare the enemy: FEAR. Projects without planned outcome, improvised structures; projects which risk boredom and unease, that take place in unknown, perhaps hostile or stressful spaces; invisible actions and vertiginous stunts!
So... what are you afraid of?

A flexible space, open, dedicated to research and innovation, DARE-DARE supports and promotes emerging artists, and expresses a marked interest for diverse methods of production and dissemination of artwork.
DARE-DARE is calling for projects that liberate themselves from traditional notions of time, which re-set the conventional one-month format and would contribute -as we would hope- to transgress standard formats for artistic intervention. The projects could potentially take the form of cyclical periods of appearance/disappearance, from the fleeting instantaneous to the never-ending. We are hoping for audacious propositions that look to renew the collective experience of the city and that discuss, negotiate, ignore or amplify, transcend or submit themselves to the constraints of time.
With the Dis/location: projet d'articulation urbaine, DARE-DARE has, since 2004, established a framework for the research and dissemination of site-specific public art. This urban exploration is achieved through consecutive medium-term stops around the city of Montréal, in spaces that elicit rich social and political, polemical inquiries. Submitted projects may take place anywhere in the city, sometimes in the periphery, in interior spaces as well as exterior, in public or private spaces. The present dis/location is situated within the zone of the Quartier des spectacles, and the selection committee will pay particular attention to projects that work within that district.
In order to properly construct next year's programming, the selected theme will extend into 4 separate fields: one dedicated to public space, a research residence, a section dedicated to urban literature and a radio field.

Interventions in public space (installations, performances, maneuvers, infiltration scenarios, etc.)
DARE-DARE is offering:

  • an honorarium
  • author's rights
  • reimbursement of project materials
  • project promotion and organization
  • to secure the necessary authorizations and permits.

Research residency project (1 to 2 months – depending on the location from which the artist is arriving)

Documented research on current art issues in relation to public space. The residence culminates with a public conference-type presentation.
DARE-DARE offers:

  • an honorarium
  • reimbursement of production materials for a small brochure
  • a per diem
  • housing (if the artist is arriving from outside of Montréal)
  • travel costs 
  • project promotion and organization
  • to secure the necessary authorizations and permits.

Urban literature on a light box sign.

Artists are invited to submit a series of 10 successive texts (up to 15 words) that could take the form of slogans, haikus or tweets. These short sentences, poems or questions will be displayed for one week each on a light box sign.
DARE-DARE is offering:

  • an honorarium
  • author's rights
  • project promotion and organization
  • loan of materials (letters and light box sign)

Artists are invited to produce performance radio broadcast projects for an extended antenna time period. Emission time can vary from several days up to two weeks. DARE-DARE welcomes projects that take into consideration the limited zone in which the FM band station can be broadcast. (Within the Quartier des spectacles or adjacent areas.) The artist must be able to work independently with regard to the other aspects of his/her project.

DARE-DARE is offering:

  • an honorarium
  • author's rights
  • FM radio emitter access
  • access to a Podcast on the internet

Be clear, concise, use a simple vocabulary which you master, in the presentation of your proposal. Emphasize the aspects of your project, which concern the proposed theme and assert the original temporal dimension of this one.


  • a Resume (max. 3 pages in PDF format)
  • a Project proposal (around 300 words in PDF format)
    including for Field 1, your preferred intervention site and two alternatives.
    For Field 3, a short presentation of your text collection
  • If possible- images of the proposed project (sketches or models) (max 4 in JPEG format)

Depending on your practice:

  • Visual documentation
    (max. 10 images in JPEG format, 1 Mg per image maximum).
    The images must be named as such: LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_1.jpeg
  • Video documentation
    (YouTube, Vimeo or other video links on the web)
    Note : Video documentation must remain online until the end of February 2014.
  • Sound documentation
    (soundcloud or other sound links on the Web)
    Note : Sound documentation must remain online until the end of February 2014.
  • Index of images/videos/sound files in PDF format
    Thumbnail image, title of piece, year, city, short description of each image (25 words).

Send everything before December 10th, 2013

at – Maximum 15 Mg for total file space

Please specify as the title of your email:

The Quartier des spectacles extends from Sherbrooke street to René-Lévesque boulevard, and from City Councillors to Saint-Hubert streets. DARE-DARE is located at the corner of Maisonneuve boulevard, between Saint-Laurent and Saint-Dominique.

For more information, contact us at: 
or ask for Martin Dufrasne at 514 849 3273