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For its 2015-2016 programming, DARE-DARE proposes a framework around the notion of infiltration.

This call is closed

an open call proposed by: Laurence N. Béland, Francys Chenier, Christine Comeau, Marie-Suzanne Désilets, Mathieu Lacroix, Catherine Lalonde Massecar and Martin Dufrasne



deadline : november 15th

For its 2015-2016 programming, DARE-DARE proposes to work with the notion of infiltration. This is a call out to artists that aspire to inscribe art in daily life; that want to immerse themselves in social environments using all manners of strategies, and within the confines of a wide range of time frames. DARE-DARE invites you to contemplate in socius art and generate encounters, gestures, and situations– in a variety of non-conventional sites? (Clandestine locations– real or virtual, social structure, extra-artistic spheres of activity that could be: factories, social networks, workplaces, hospitals, blogs, stores, centres or homes for the elderly, sports clubs, abandoned buildings, train stations, etc.) DARE-DARE artist run centre would like to encourage the « micro », erasure, « being together », the anti spectacular, and dematerialization.

The artist or collective must be able to develop a strategy for sharing their work. DARE-DARE will organize two round tables during which the artists will present and discuss their projects. Artists will be paired with a writer/theoretician in order to reflect together on the work. The writers/theoreticians will also participate in the round tables.

*Please note that DARE-DARE is in the process of preparing it's next DIS/LOCATION. Our offices will be relocated to a new site, which will be announced shortly.

DARE-DARE is offering :
-  an honorarium
-  author's rights
-  reimbursement of project materials
-  project promotion and organization
-  to secure the necessary authorizations and permits.

Support material:


- CV

- 300 words artist statement

- 200 words on intended work direction

 (Work paths, project intention, and the form(s) that the work may take)

- a brief description of technical needs

- 15 images + link to Web site (optional)


Send everything before November 15th, 2014 at – Maximum 15 Mg for total file space

Please specify as the title of your email : CALL FOR PROPOSALS__MICROINTERVENTIONS



DARE-DARE forges ahead with its urban poetry/writing project. Borrowing from short form sentence structure such as slogans, haikus or tweets, these short phrases, onomatopoeias, poems or questions are showcased for a week's time on an illuminated sign. The texts are visible, day and night, for the thousands of passers-by that transit through the area surrounding the artist-run centre's mobile trailer.

The selection committee reserves the right to choose four to ten sentences of the proposed compositions, in order to showcase one sentence a week, for a period of four to ten weeks.

Send your proposals (Maximum 15 words per sentence) to

Please be careful to fill in the subject line of your e-mail with the following: CALL FOR PROPOSALS_URBAN WRITING



 - 10 brief sentence constructions (maximum 15 words)

- 200-words project description

- Short biography

- CV