February 15, 2021 - March 12, 2021
Translate, interpret and engage people and territories in dialogue
DARE-DARE forges ahead with its urban poetry/writing project. Borrowing the brief form of the tagline, haiku or tweet, these short sentences, aphorisms, poems or questions are displayed in a light box for a week (located in Sainte-Cunégonde Park / Little Burgundy neighbourhood). The texts are visible, day and night, to people who pass near LA HALTE (documentation center).
This year, in addition to the regular DARE-DARE programming, we would like to offer this part to 4 artists / authors who wish to explore the theme of TRANSLATION. Each person will be asked to come up with 12 written formulas of a maximum of 15 words each (made to fit in this frame).
The artist's or author's proposal must include:
- A statement of intent for the writing project (max. 250 words)
- A short biography (max. 100 words)
- A selection of texts written by the artist or author (max. 3)
- 3 short formulas, of a maximum of 15 words, to become the first to be showcased, if the project is selected
- If necessary, an overview of the temporal constraints of the project (periods of unavailability of the artist / author, privileged moments of presentation, time required for creation, etc.)
Other details:
- Short formulas must be written in Latin characters
- If the short forms are written in a language other than French, provision must be made for a translation to accompany it, when sharing the visual documentation of the project online
- The call is open to artists / authors from Canada
- A global fee of $1115 will be paid to each selected artist/author
(to cover copyright, Reproduction and public communication rights)
- The presentation of public writings will be between April 1, 2021 and March 31, 2022
Deadline : March 12, 2021
Send your proposals at:

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