Call for proposals

Micro-residencies at the HALTE

August 30, 2023 - September 29, 2023
This call is now closed.

► 2 residencies of 2 days are offered.
Only files sent in digital form will be considered - total file size 15 MB maximum.

DARE-DARE invites you to live a very brief research experience in October 2023. We are making the center's library available to you to browse in any way you wish, in order to extract elements or combinations that are significant, exciting, contradictory or intuitive over a two-day period in October 2023.

The two-day period is adjustable (consecutive or not). Please note that the schedule for this edition of micro-residencies determines two distinct work locations. Research carried out before October 15 will take place in the public space, at La HALTE (Pavillon de référence et de réflexion sur l'art dans l'espace public). Alternatively, research taking place after October 15 will be carried out in the DARE-DARE offices, where the collection will be moved during La HALTE's seasonal closure.

After a period of reflection, your residency will culminate in the creation of a collective reading activity, reinvented in the light of your discoveries and research practices. We believe that creating unique links between books in a relatively spontaneous way will enable us to offer unifying experiences that question our relationship with reading, archives and exchange. We are therefore looking for profiles capable of creating unique links through our works. You are welcome to combine this activity with culinary and/or performative elements to enrich the experience, if desired.

DARE-DARE invites people who wish to explore and experiment with new crossroads of research.


Your proposal, in a form that suits you, should address these three points:
- Explain your artistic and/or research practice
- Explain your interest in the project
- Attach an example of a research project you have carried out in the past (finalized or not).

Accepted formats: PDF documents, MP3 sound, MP4 video (max. 5 minutes), JPG images (max. 15), website.

The center offers :
- A fee of $900
- Photographic, audio or video documentation
- Support for coordination, dissemination and promotion


Send your proposal at before September, 29.

La HALTE and our collection

DARE-DARE offers a meeting space dedicated to sharing the center's documentary resources with a wider public, as well as offering a program of micro-projects related to writing, poetry, theorizing, reading, books and the library.

La HALTE - Pavillon de référence et de réflexion sur l'art dans l'espace public wishes to promote accessibility to documentation, in order to offer a selection of documentary tools paying particular attention to public art and contextual projects. Here you'll find a selection of publications about art in the public space, art and politics, action art, architecture, design, urban planning, decolonization of the arts, citizen and participatory approaches, zines, artists' books and micro-publishing...and much more!

If you'd like to familiarize yourself with our collection, here's the list of HALTE books to consult >HERE.

Past Projects

August 25, 2023
Lina Choi
August 1, 2023
Mighty Sarah Johnson
June 26, 2023