Camille Deslauriers Ménard

Une histoire du bout des doigts / A story from the fingertips

January 20, 2023 - February 28, 2023

Une histoire du bout des doigts is first of all a walk to a place, a center for the elderly, it is a collection of natural materials on the urban territory, it is a presence full of benevolence, it is the sense of touch, it is an encounter between the artist and magnificent humans. Each participant will be told a story and these materials will be put in contact with their hands. Can the sense of touch create more meaning in the story? What does it add and what does it take away from the experience? Will pandemic and intimacy be barriers to such an encounter? We hope that the project Une histoire du bout des doigts will be the beginning of a great adventure...

Trained as an actor, Camille Deslauriers Ménard became a storyteller as if she were clinging to a buoy. It was a question of survival, a breath of air in the icy water. She tours throughout Quebec with her colorful stories and adds puppetry, writing, directing and film to her passions. She also directed the play Perruche with the Théâtre de l'œil, in which she played the central role as a puppeteer. It was while accompanying neuroatypical artists that she began to ask herself questions about the accessibility of the arts and education. The desire to explore the five senses in relation to the spoken word gave her a thousand ideas and her research cycle began at the Écotone de Baobab - Création multidisciplinaire residency.

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