HABANA ~ MONTRÉAL : Encuentros de arte contemporáneo / Rencontres en art actuel

October 14, 2019 - November 12, 2019
October 17, 2019

As part of the Rencontres en art actuel MONTREAL ~ HABANA Encuentros de arte contemporaneo, DARE-DARE and ARTISTA X ARTISTA have been paired to host an artist for research and creation in residencies of 21 days. 

The second part of this event will unfold in Havana from October 31st to December 08th. 

Cuban artist Víctor Piverno has been selected to design and present his research in Montreal. In return, it is Estela López Solís who will go to Cuba from October 14th to November 12th to develop her participative artistic intervention on Cuban territory, in Havana and Baracoa.


ARTISTA X ARTISTA is an initiative of Carlos Garaicoa Studio that is developed in different ways with the purpose of establishing horizontal connections between emerging art scenes, institutional networks and cultural agents worldwide.

Artista X Artista stems from the necessity to find and generate support within the art world to answer the needs of emerging artists. This project creates the opportunities and conditions for residencies of international artists in Havana, with an aim to interact with local cultural entities, give workshops and carry out some field work and in-situ investigation. The purpose is that both parts – visitors and local scene – can equally benefit with a work and life experience. In the same way, we are working so Cuban artists can also have residencies abroad, and live a benefitial experience for their career. 

Artista X Artista is a pioneer project in the Cuban art scene that seeks to build a sustainable model of long term collaborations while insisting on creating new spaces with similar work philosophies and supporting young creators in the changing environment of the Cuban society.



Estela López Solís was born in 1978 in Mexico, where she studied visual arts. She currently lives and works in the Eastern Townships region of Quebec. Estela weaves links into her work that become unsuspected connections, borrowing images and words from heterogeneous sources. From the beginning of her career, she is interested in the formal, expressive and meaningful possibilities she brings to the exploration of various disciplines, including drawing, photography, illustration, video, textile art and performance. It seeks to give a visual form to the intimate and secret life of beings, things and places. Her artistic research focuses on the unveiling of the escaping appearances that connect us deeply to others. 

Various cultural institutions in Canada, France and Mexico have supported her work. Her drawings interact with poetic texts in various publications, notably in the collection Pierre Blanche - Poèmes d'Alice by Stéphanie Bolster (Le Noroît, Montreal, 2007) and in the novel Wigrum by Daniel Canty (La Peuplade, Saguenay, 2011 and Talonbooks, Vancouver, 2013). Her works have been shown in Mexico, Quebec, France and the United States. They are part of various public and private collections.

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