La généalogie du déracinement : enquête sur l'habitation postcoloniale

May 5, 2019

Sunday May 5, 2019, 3pm.  ▶︎ at the DARE-DARE trailer

DARE-DARE’s Espace Critique committee warmly invites you to join a reading group around Dalie Giroux’s La généalogie du déracinement : enquête sur l’habitation postcoloniale.

Casually speaking, the participants will exchange their views and thoughts on this work and the issues that it touches raises. Following a plenary discussion, participants will be offered a collective meal inspired by the book to accompany the continuing conversation.

12 spots available.


First come, first served !

More details will be forwarded upon registration.


La généalogie du déracinement : enquête sur l'habitation postcoloniale

"How do we inhabit, in the American-North ? What is our collective way of being on this earth and how do we get our subsistance from it ? This work documents a geo-philosophical quest on postcolonial habitation, which gives way to the contemporary spatial lifestyle as a general movement of un-rooting. This movement matches the process of colonization an to that of the industrial revolution, which takes the residue as its habitat. The author highlights the forces, values and forms of this removal, at the same time as she examins those of resistance to this tendancy, thus revealing the tensions around the use of territory. The preferred transdisciplinary approach for this work gathers speech analysis, self-ethnography, photographic documentation, the history of ideas, literary critique and phenomenologic analysis : an unprecedented and fruitful approach, which opens onto a spatial poetics. "

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The Gourmet reading group comes with a gastronomic exploration inspired by the book and prepared by artist Érick d’Orion. At each gathering, a group of 18 (number determined by the minimal space available in the trailer and the format of collective conversation) share their analysis and thoughts on the essay which they have had for the month that led to the meeting. Following this first exchange, and the debates it raises, the living-room-type space is turned into a dining room, the now guests are invited to gather around the table to continue their discussion, keep sharing their thoughts and produce knowledge as they catch each other’s eyes.


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