Décroissance sexuelle

March 8, 2018 - March 8, 2019

" This current work theme revolves around the definition of healing, considered individually and (above all) collectively, in a context of rape culture. My practice of drawing and writing are performative tools in the healing process that I explore: the association of words and images coming from the same hand makes it possible to reconcile the dissociation at work in a trauma. I use them as a "technique de soi" (Foucault, 1988) but also for caring about my readers: I share my experiences in the hope that people will feel less lonely, and to rebuild an idea of ​​community. How the culture of rape, revealed even more by the recent wave of #moiaussi, does not affects us only individually, but also as a society? I wish to go beyond individual psychotherapy and propose ways of public healing, integrated into the spheres of The theory and the arts. The lightbox of Dare-Dare offers an ideal diffusion context to show this friction between private and political.

During the residency, I propose to open "author's office hours". People will be able to make an appointment or stop at the office to discuss with me an aspect of the rape culture that she or he has been confronted with. During these meetings, the practice of drawing will be used as a medium of speech and as a proposal for collective therapy. From the two-person images and the exchanged words, I will write the sentences that will be shown on the board. A care work will be conducted so that the poetry created will not be painful in the public space. 24 meetings will result in 24 written forms. "

Julie Delporte produces comics, children's books, illustrations, ceramics and anxiety. She lives in Montreal, always loves animals, often plants and sometimes humans.

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