Julie Faubert

Apparaître/disparaître : LES MOTS (volet 1)

December 3, 2009
June 11, 2010
Julie Faubert

Date: Thursday, December 3rd, 5:30 pm
Meeting point: Dare-Dare, at the trailer, at the corner of Dufresne and Larivière streets

Julie Faubert’s Les Mots offers the city as a critical space in which to reflect on words that permit (or forid) us to think.

Words that we treat with thick kid gloves.
Words with ambiguous and shifting definitions.
Words that need constant re-inventing by those that wish to be faithful to their meanings.

Les Mots asks us to consider how these waves of appearing and disappearing words have shaped our contemporary relationship to language.

Les Mots is an urban intervention project presented by Julie Faubert as part of Dare-Dare’s 2010-2011 programming. It brings together over 125 phrases that use words at once archaic, (1900-2000) added and invented (2010)*. The sidewalks of the Faubourg quartier will become the pages on which her sentences will unfurl, mirroring the rhythmic movement of each passersby.

In this way, Les Mots will transform the simple act of walking into an act of playful assocation with language as a mode for lucid, critical and perhaps even cynical reflection.

* These dates correspond directly to the years when the words appeared or disappeared from the dictionary.


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