Nicholas Dawson et Gabrielle Giasson-Dulude

September 25, 2019 - December 4, 2019

After investing DARE-DARE's public poetry billboard for several months with their own words, Gabrielle Giasson-Dulude (G) and Nicholas Dawson (N) begin their duology by gradually stitching together a common poetic backyard from those known throughout their lives.

Do you have access to a backyard ? That extra room in the summer, space for parties, meetings - seen and heard by the neighbors ? Did you ever have one ? A fenced off space: wooden fences, vines, a garbage pile, out in the open, furniture rich or poor, new or rusty ? What are you memories of the backyard, of where one meditates, where one shares meals ? Plants, tomatoes, gravel, where one smokes, cats, dogs, car, shared fence in the back of the yard or access to the back alley, where one drinks. Where did you play as a kid ?



Poet and essayist, Gabrielle Giasson Dulude is writing a thesis-essay in literary studies, she strives for the written voice while maintaining a practice of the sung voice, and brings forward a reflexion, in which form and content are inseparable, on essay writing. On mime chants. Along with Étienne Decroux (Noroît), she was awarded the 
Spirale Eva-Le-Grand prize as well as the award Contre-jour de l’essai littéraire.

Writer, artist and researcher, Nicholas Dawson is currently a PhD student in arts studies and practices at UQAM. Self-narrative and research-creation are its main areas of research. In 2017, he published Animitas, a novel about mourning and exile.