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Lise Landry and Lise Nantel

Erreur sur la personne

DARE-DARE presents Lise Landry and Lise Nantel interested in a creative process of double interaction: between the artists themselves, but also between the artists and the public.

On the occasion of the Colloque des Centres d'artistes Vingt ans plus tard, each center is staging an event in its own image. The DARE-DARE gallery has chosen to assert itself as a place of questioning and exchange, and to invite two artists who are accomplices, Lise Landry and Lise Nantel, interested in a creative process of double interaction: between the artists themselves, and between artists and visitors.

In a joint project in 1986 entitled Une chambre à soi, Lise Landry and Lise Nantel transformed their individual studios into performance spaces. In1992, from October 3 to 25, the DARE-DARE gallery, a presentation space, became a shared worksite.

With Une chambre à soi, sharing the same theme, they set off to explore it on their own. Today, they take the opposite approach, that of discovering links and shared logic. Looking for the humor or reality behind the fact that people sometimes confuse them, they proposed to play a trick, to see where taking the other's trick would lead them.

The result, Erreur sur la personne, deals with notions of identity and difference, with the confrontation of two "ways of doing things" that seek to interact. Leaving aside any reference to narrative, to the typically personal allegory, they have chosen to share a workshop and materials since last July. a workshop and materials. This shared space and the working of materials gave shape to a structure, a structure as object, where they could meet. For three months, their different skills, their different ways of doing things, their past itineraries and their own personalities tried to make the rounds of a shared structure. No one yet knows the full extent of the "mistake about the person", not even the two protagonists themselves, since the improvisation of the last moment, i.e. the installation in the gallery space, this shared structure of presentation, will be an experience in itself.

This is the experience to which galerie dare-dare invites you on the occasion of the Colloque des Centres d'artistes Points de forces. The gallery has chosen to situate itself as an evolving center, a place for experimentation, questioning and exchange, by inviting two accomplished artists who agree to show a journey, who simply admit to recognition by the other, to transformation with the other, a vision so solidly personal that it is open to any exploration of the perfectible.