lectures publiques des instructions inhospitalières

March 1, 2014 - April 1, 2014

Maude S. Pilon will host several public readings of her text instructions inhospitalières (Inhospitable Instructions), in the presence of patients and medical staff.

These readings, which intend to create confrontations between the textual and the real, will take place in the upcoming months of December and January, in the waiting rooms, in the corridors, in the entrances, elevators, cafeterias, patients' rooms and doctors' offices of the Hôtel-Dieu, Notre-Dame and Saint-Luc CHUM hospitals in Montréal.

The one-hundred inhospitable instructions have been written so that they may be read aloud, standing on a hospital chair. They entice critical thought with regards to conditioned behavior and implied hierarchical relations between the healer and the healed, within the confines of the hospital.

The context of the hospital presents a multitude of human behavioral patterns under the banner of a « healing relationship ». Finding it interesting to explore these site-specific correlations, the artist had undertaken a series of more or less hospitable interventions for the duration of the Monochromes project, produced in 2012, in collaboration with the artists-run centre articule, and the CHUM. She is continuing her research with the Inhospitable Instructions project.

***Please note that due to the nature of these semi-private spaces, there will be no invitations issued. Those that will attend the readings will have been admitted to the hospital due to their professional function or in regard to their pathology and the validity of their hospital card. Persons not conforming to these conditions will be able to attend the last reading, which will take place in an inhospitable space. Details will be released in January 2014.


Maude S. Pilon presents literary projects, installations and performances. « Contextual art » and « relational art » are the practical terms used to define her practice. She is interested in site-specificity, and in the various relational fissures that exist within the boundaries of specific spaces. She enjoys measuring the action of art within the everyday, and the everyday within art. Often, her projects start and finish with words. Various expressions of her work have taken place in England, in France and in Québec since 2004.

DARE-DARE and Maude would like to thank CHUM cultural representative Mathieu St-Gelais and the Arts and Culture committee, without which the project would not have a space, and therefore would never take place.

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