Micro-résidence à la HALTE - Lectures Héliotropes

Phorie Collective

August 7, 2022 - August 14, 2022
A reading circle open to all will take place at the HALTE on Sunday, August 14, 2 PM.
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DARE-DARE welcomes to the HALTE for a micro-residency the Phorie collective, a group recently founded to pursue feminist, queer and decolonial curatorial research. Browsing the works in our collection, the members of the collective continue their research while preparing the ground for a collective event scheduled for Sunday, August 14th at Parc Ste-Cunégonde starting at 1pm. The event will take place at the CÉDA in case of rain.

The research that the collective is proposing to pursue at DARE-DARE focuses on affects in art and its discourses, reflecting on the materiality and relational dimension of reading. The idea is to question how reading is experienced as a practice in the public space. For it is both the collection of ideas and concrete relationships to things, places and people with whom and from whom one surrounds oneself to read and from which one makes use of the text.

Two research methods will precede the collective meeting. On the one hand, attention will be paid to the affective clues revealed by the books, like vulnerability and power dynamics between artists and audiences, an implicit attitude in the relationship to the territory or an emotional charge associated with politics. On the other hand, an awareness of what exalts them, annoys them, stings them or confuses them, in short, what inhabits them as readers.

Phorie is a research collective between art and theory to make use of works and texts, for the pleasure of thinking together and creating new curatorial constellations. The first great field of exploration of the collective concerns the affective dimension of art. Whether in the caravan of Little Fun Palace (Filippo Andreatta, 2021) or in the context of research residencies, Phorie wishes to create an inventory of the formatting and strategies of contagion of affect in current art based on experiences, readings and fictions.

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