Miquel Garcia Membrado

47 jours

May 7, 2010 - July 17, 2010

47 Jours is a proposal born because the failure of not being able to work with a group of prostitutes in the city of Montreal. According my professional responsibility and a collective decision made by sex workers, we agreed a cooperation for the project, making the decision to continue with a proposal that relates my experience as an artist with prostitution, in a working environment and service delivery. The name of the project takes the number of my days during my stay in Montreal. It is structured as a diary of the residence, based on a methodology of work to create from my invention and subjectivity and through a fictional mapping of prostitution in the city.The schedule of locations is made with the responses to a question posed to pedestrians in the city you show me where to find a prostitute? With the options discussed in terms of plans decided at random places in the city to construct a narrative that after following three conditions: static shots, no recordings of people and natural light. The names and dates are illustrations of the process of work, the dates of the elaboration and the names of participants.

Miquel Garcia Membrado (Barcelona) questions the role of the artist and censorship within contemporary art practices. His projects explore direct social intervention and micro-political activist strategies revealed through everyday stories. His proposed residency at DARE-DARE will explore the thematics of public space and sex-work.

Miquel Garcia Membrado lives and works in Spain. Miquel has had residencies in AxeNéo7, Quebec, MCO in Porto, Portugal, Changdong Art Studio in Seoul, Korea and Hangar in Barcelona. He has exhibited in London, Berlin, Munich, Paris, Luxembourg, Medellin and Milan.


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