Mona Sharma

Giving Words to the Ground: the Cabot Square project

July 31, 2009

Friday July 31st, 6h30 pm, 2009:
An evening of urban tales at the Atwater Library
1200 Atwater Street

If the Cabot Square has a soul is it possible to make it peaceful?

Mona’s collection is marked by whether places have a soul which is revealed through people’s memories and the multiple transformations of a neighbourhood over the course of time. The rhythmic flow of development and decline in the history of Cabot Square and its surroundings are made use of by Mona Sharma to create her drawings and urban tales.

One year of research has been transcribed, drawn and linked to several models that will be available for consultation at DARE-DARE and the Atwater Library. A festive evening of tales is planned for Friday, July 31st at the Atwater Library. On the menu: Incisive, everlasting and racy tales, as well as projections and stories linked to the illustrations. All this will be accompanied by a delicious Indian buffet.

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Mona Sharma is a Montrealer whose family emigrated in the early 80’s from India. This cultural duality is the central element in her artistic practice. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting and drawing from Concordia University and has presented her work in Montreal and Toronto.

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