Nicholas Dawson

Nous : temblores

April 10, 2019 - June 26, 2019

As part of my writing residency at DARE-DARE, I consider the light panel as a border area between the public space and the private family space, as well as between the languages. Inspired by the neighbourhood in which the caravan is located and the experience of public dissemination of my texts, I plan to involve the language of my family, Spanish, in order to make visible our memorials (our traumas, our secrets, our exiles and our earthquakes), so as to invest the potentials of the physical, linguistic and relational boundaries.

Writer, artist and researcher, Nicholas Dawson is currently a PhD student in arts studies and practices at UQAM. Self-narrative and research-creation are its main areas of research. In 2017, he published Animitas, a novel about mourning and exile.

► LISTEN | A radio interview with the author for "arts + espaces publics", chronicle by Odile Joron for Radio Atelier. In french, starts at 36:45. 

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