Noisy and gourmet reading group


March 1, 2020 - March 22, 2020
Pictures : Béchard Hudon, Les écouteurs, sinced 2011

DARE-DARE’s Espace Critique committee presents a duo of reading circles on the theme: NOISE.

DARE-DARE is at the center of a circulation of noises. It evolves in a sound zone that goes well beyond the avenues which entangle it. DARE-DARE is installed on a territory crossed by vagabond waves, frantic rumblings of the usual traffic or clamors of freely shared stories. So where are we when we listen? What are our sound skins made of? These questions that guide us are at the same time political, geographic and emotional, testifying to a desire to hear noise as a legitimate method for probing our socio-political environment and understanding the mechanisms of the power which orders it. At the end of our group meetings, perhaps we will also come to imagine a form of resistance which seizes the potential of noise to create.

The Gourmet reading group comes with a gastronomic exploration inspired by the book and prepared by artist Érick d’Orion. At each gathering, 18 participants (number determined by the minimal space available in the trailer and the format of collective conversation) share their analysis and thoughts on the essay which they have had received prior to the meeting. Following this exchange, and the debates it raises, the living-room-type space is turned into a dining room, the guests are invited to gather around the table to continue their discussion, to keep sharing their thoughts and produce knowledge as they catch each other’s eyes.

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