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Animated group walk and zine launch

A group walk, led by the artist, takes citizens, friends and passers-by through several geographic, linguistic and symbolic detours in the neighborhood surrounding DARE-DARE.

Film "James Evans, Beatrix and the EPV"

This film is a speculative research work from which Vir Andres Hera creates culinary proposals, sound experimentation, videos, documents and micro-editions.

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 "Language is at the heart of our existence as Nunavummiut, it speaks of what we are and who we are."

(free translation from Inuktitut)

As part of its TRADUCTION program, DARE-DARE welcomes artist Vir Andrés Hera to Montreal.

The artist's project unfolds in 3 parts, an animated walk in the Little Burgundy neighborhood (pictures above), a multilingual zine and a film. The documentation of these three elements can be viewed on these pages.

DARE-DARE welcomes the artist Vir Andres Hera in the Saint-Henri district to offer and present a group walk, an event opened to all. This animated group walk is an opportunity to collectively take surprising geographical, linguistic and symbolic detours, a journey punctuated by sensitive, personal and evocative references. The artist will talk about his current research, his heterolingual environment and the many bridges between native languages along Abya Yala.

The artist produced a multilangual zine to accompany his project that can be read here, (.PDF version).

Finally, Vir Andres made a film with sound and video performance at the Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers,  which can be viewed for a limited time here.

DARE-DARE is pleased to partner with the Galerie de l'UQAM to present this performance by Vir Andres Hera. The artist, a doctoral student in art studies and practices at UQAM, presented his work in Panorama 22. Les sentinelles at Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains (2020, Tourcoing, France), curated by Louise Déry, director of the Galerie de l'UQAM. This event is realized with the support of the Consulate General of France in Quebec.

Vir Andres Hera

Vir Andres Hera was born in Yauhquemehcan, Mexico, and lives and works in France. Video artist and researcher, he is a graduate of Mo.Co. - Montpellier Contemporain (2015) and the Fresnoy studio national des arts contemporains (2020). He was an artist member of the Casa de Velazquez in Madrid (2015-2016). He is a teacher at the ESAAA - école supérieure d'art Annecy-Alpes. In 2019, he joined the editorial board of Qalqalah-قلقلة. His work has recently been presented at: La Gaité Lyrique, Paris (2022); Art-by-Translation, Lisbon-Cergy (2022); DARE-DARE, Montreal (2021); MUCEM, Marseille (2021); Institut Français, Rome (2021); FRAC Occitanie, Montpellier (2020); La Kunsthalle, Mulhouse (2020).


  • Galerie de l'UQAM
  • Consulat de France