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Anouk VerviersPhoto : Swann Bertholin

Anouk Verviers

Anouk Verviers is an interdisciplinary artist from Montréal (Tiohtià:ke / Mooniyang). She holds an MFA from Goldsmiths in London, UK (2023) and a BA in Visual and Media Arts from UQAM (2017). Her work has been presented in artist residencies, exhibitions, and community projects in the UK, Switzerland, and Canada. Through unsystematic and intuitive research processes, she immerses herself in places, narratives, institutions or systems by sharing moments with those who inhabit and experience them. She aspires to adopt a posture of deep listening towards the living and the non-living.

She has been a member of DARE-DARE since 2016 because she believes in a decompartmentalized and inclusive art and finds it a privileged ground to exchange on artistic practices that take place in the public space. Since 2021, she has been a member of the board of directors and is involved in the Dis/Location and Pluralité committees. In 2020, she participated in the organization of Fabuler la recherche, a collaboration between DARE- DARE and CRITS.

Projects of Anouk Verviers


    Methods and Games in Space : Habitable Zones

    As part of its three-part call (interventions, residency and public writing), DARE-DARE artist-run center is looking for proposals for artistic projects to design its 2024-2026 programming.

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  • Fabuler la recherche

    Fabuler l'école
    Fabuler la recherche
    Inspired by Fabuler l'école

    Following the project "Fabuler l'école", this mutation offers the composition of duos made of a practitioner-researcher in the arts and a researcher-born. social sciences.

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  • Fabuler l'école

    Fabuler l'école
    Fabuler lécole

    DARE-DARE continues its experimental school project. This second edition will be an opportunity to experiment with ways of transmitting and learning in DUO, to develop forms of resilient pedagogies in times of health and social crises.

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    Jaser d'art [spontaneous support]

    You are invited to visit the artist and take a seat on the DARE-DARE site at the corner of Notre-Dame and Atwater to talk about art.

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