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Camila VásquezPhoto : Jessica Renaud

Camila Vásquez

Camila Vásquez is an interdisciplinary artist of Chilean origin. She lives and works in the Estrie region of Quebec, on the ancestral lands of the W8banaki Nation.  She has been active in the arts since 2005 as an artist, teacher, curator, mediator and cultural worker. Her artistic practice is embodied in everyday life and develops into long-term projects that challenge the boundaries separating art from other spheres of life, as well as dominant conceptions of social space and knowledge. Her work has been presented in various art centers, galleries and events  in Argentina, Chile, Spain and Quebec, including 3e impérial centre d'essais en art actuel, Galerie B-312, Galerie d'art Foreman, Praxis art actuel, Péristyle Nomade, VIVA! Art Action and DARE-DARE, as well as independently and furtively. She is currently coordinator of  the Foreman Art Gallery’s Community at  Bishop's University.

Projects of Camila Vásquez

  • Camila Vásquez

    Camila Vásquez
    CONFLUENCES residency

    From a daily and rigorous collection of her dreams and observation of everyday life circumstances, Camila Vásquez develops research processes surrounding the dream space.

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