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Clara Bonnes

Projects of Clara Bonnes

  • Book launch

    Book launch
    DIS/LOCATION 2 - Projet d'articulation urbaine : parc sans nom

    In order to leave a trace of its passage following each of its Dis/location, DARE-DARE is happy to launch its new publication which relates its docking at Parc sans nom. Under the theme of « De la faillibilité et de l’échec », the experiences at the park and the projects put forward by DARE-DARE are revisited, highlighting the "laboratory" approach of the artist center.

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  • Pratiques du territoire II

    Pratiques du territoire II
    Occupation - dislocation - mutation

    In parallel with the Fresh Paint / Peinture fraîche event presented at Parc sans nom, DARE-DARE offers the public the second part of a series of lectures on the hybrid relationship between art and public space.

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  • Chih-Chien Wang

    Chih-Chien Wang
    The Nest

    As part of Montreal's Mois de la photo, Chih-Chien Wang proposes an installation at the no name park housing DARE-DARE.

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    Fundraising Event

    Benefit event with performances, art videos and musical performances.

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  • DARE-DARE dépôt 2004

    DARE-DARE dépôt 2004
    Fundraising activity

    After the success of the 2003 edition of this found-raising event, DARE-DARE come back with its store and sells multiple, mass-produced art objects. The profits will go to found the center activities.

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  • DARE-DARE Dépôt 2003

    DARE-DARE Dépôt 2003
    fundraising event
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