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François Rioux

François Rioux

“By sheltering a time conducive to anything, I imply that I leave the door open to warm the outside. In the studio, it means letting myself be carried away by whatever distracts me from the “main thing” at the moment when attention slips and slides towards a serious whim, then fixing it in a material. In performance, it's about not missing the opportunity to disguise action art theories and interpret them on snowmobiles or high heels. In these absurd little shows that are born out of emptying my pockets, I thumb my nose at the ideas that excite me, without excluding the canonical figures that permeate me. I see my approach as an opportunity to get stuck in, while playing a game of jambette, in the air! In short, it's a gift I offer to all skies and skies that appreciate the experience of infiltrating a homoerotic dream at its true value.”

A member of Dare-Dare for several years, François Rioux is a multidisciplinary artist who works mainly in sculpture and performance. He is regularly involved in the organization of artistic events as a freelance cultural communications worker. Since his studies in visual and media arts and media communications, he has played with context and used it to provoke reflection on sometimes hidden aspects of our environment, and to raise awareness and attention to the places we share.

Projects of François Rioux

  • Mighty Sarah Johnson dépose son mémoire sur la table

    Mighty Sarah Johnson dépose son mémoire sur la table

    Sarah Johnson invites you to attend the tabling of her memoir, a performative public presentation in which she will reveal the results of her undercover intervention at Polytechnique in collaboration with the POLY-OUT committee.

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  • PASSPORT 2018 + Festive evening

    PASSPORT 2018 + Festive evening
    + Festive evening

    The Montreal multidisciplinary art dissemination center DARE-DARE is re-offending for a fifth edition with PASSPORT DARE-DARE. The public is invited to take part in this art walk activity!

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