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Geneviève Massé

Geneviève Massé

A conceptual and multidisciplinary artist, Geneviève Massé uses codes, systems and documentation to question the information and databases that govern our world. She takes advantage of both digital technologies and analog tools to operate protocols that develop on a daily basis to photograph, capture, document, draw, count and organize. In this way, she establishes rigorous systems that leave room for arbitrariness during the production process, from which she generates series of images, gestures, lines or manipulations of the same subject. She questions the structures put in place and attempts to grasp the implicit loopholes from which emerge attempts at self-representation through image, drawing, or even the computational grid. Massé draws on scientific methods to carry out exhaustive documentation work on each project, in order to give an account of the work process in progress. His approach raises questions about new approaches to photography and the creation of new documents. The work bears witness to both the process and the intended results.

A native of Rivière-du-Loup, Massé lives and works in Montreal. She began her career with general training in interior, industrial and event design. Drawing on her professional experience in the visual arts (ATSA, San Francisco Arts Commission - Public Art, Mois de la Photo à Montréal, DARE-DARE, etc.), she began a master's degree in visual and media arts at UQAM in 2013. She has exhibited her work mainly in Montreal and San Francisco. Her works are part of private collections.

Projects of Geneviève Massé

  • PASSEPORT 2022

    PASSEPORT  2022
    + Festive evening & Auction

    To celebrate DARE-DARE's 37th anniversary with a bang, the PASSEPORT project is more ambitious and unifying than ever. This special edition features 37 artists who have made our center what it is.

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  • Aménager-Communiquer

    Neighborhood experience and innovation

    This conference-experience is dedicated to the issues of communication in public space. The discussion between representatives of the academic, community and artistic communities is accompanied by a visit to the DARE-DARE artist-run center.

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    Foire d'Art Alternatif de Sudbury (FAAS)

    During the Fair of Alternative Art in Sudbury, Geneviève Massé offers to realize an intensive report, over one week and with the intention of exploring Sudbury through numbers and concrete data about the city's territory. The project is entitled ICount.

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  • PASSPORT 2018 + Festive evening

    PASSPORT 2018 + Festive evening
    + Festive evening

    The Montreal multidisciplinary art dissemination center DARE-DARE is re-offending for a fifth edition with PASSPORT DARE-DARE. The public is invited to take part in this art walk activity!

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  • Book launch

    Book launch

    For five years, twenty-nine artists have been inspired by the socio-environmental context to offer aphorisms, poems and sentences that take the short form of slogan, haiku or tweet.

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    Freiner la chute - Ephemeral public art work

    The work is a monumental ephemeral installation in the tradition of land art. Through this strong and unequivocal artistic gesture, he creates a direct link with the invasive problem of the emerald ash borer.

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    Presented as part of the Journées de la culture, this cultural activity consists of an artistic tour during which participants are invited to collect works / prints by artists selected by DARE-DARE.

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    To increase and refine its field of action, DARE-DARE innovates this year and grafts a punctual radio component to its programming.

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  • D for Dis/location

    D for Dis/location
    spontaneous support

    As part of the ABC: MTL exhibition at the Canadian Centre for Architecture, this round table presents the issues encountered during the five Dis/location moorings, and proposes a discussion of the limits of disseminating multidisciplinary works in public space.

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  • CALL FOR PROPOSALS 2013-2014

    CALL FOR PROPOSALS 2013-2014

    “Le temps des bêtes féroces de l'espoir “, an expression from renowned Québecois poet Gaston Miron, is the theme of the year.

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  • PARK(ing) Day

    PARK(ing) Day

    This annual world event, that brings together artists, citizens, elected officials and organizations, aims to raise awareness of the value of the urban space occupied by the parking spaces.

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  • PASSEPORT 2012

    PASSEPORT 2012
    Annual fundraising

    This original fundraiser consists of an annual public art event. PASSEPORT DARE-DARE offers you the opportunity to see the Quartier des spectacles with a fresh eye, meet 15 emerging contemporary artists and acquire a limited edition numbered collectors piece, on top of granting you access to areas normally closed to the public.

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