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Jean-François Prost

Jean-François Prost

Jean-François Prost is an interdisciplinary artist with an academic background in architecture. He has a keen interest in new urban research territories and he approaches art as an act of resistance, a state of mind, a medium for enunciating and exchanging ideas. His artistic actions, workshops and books address the issues of urban diversity, the rights to the city and civic participation through a (co)definition of living environments. Prost is the founder of Adaptive Actions (AA), co-founder of l’atelier SYN- and undertaking his doctoral studies at l’UQAM. The AA books Heteropolis and Stopping – Arrêts were the subject of various actions / exhibitions at the Montreal Art Biennial, MUAC (MX), Tokyo Wonder Site and Bina Ellen Gallery. His ongoing projects comprise Infralois and Chantier with Skol Art Centre. With DARE-DARE, he realized in 1998 his first artistic intervention in the public space entitled: Chambre avec vues, which took the form of a black shed inhabited and installed for two weeks on a Sherbrooke street vacant lot. He then became a member of the Board of Directors of DARE-DARE for over 10 years. In 2006, he organized the round table Autour de l'agora in Viger Square. In the spirit of Charles Daudelin's work, a space for debate and festivities was set up under the concrete pergolas.Instigator in 2001 of the concept of nomadism for the centre and active participant in the Satellite project, he is presently participating in the Dis-location committee to reflect on future contexts of artistic action for DARE-DARE.

Projects of Jean-François Prost

  • PASSEPORT 2022

    PASSEPORT  2022
    + Festive evening & Auction

    To celebrate DARE-DARE's 37th anniversary with a bang, the PASSEPORT project is more ambitious and unifying than ever. This special edition features 37 artists who have made our center what it is.

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  • Launch tour

    Launch tour
    SATELLITE, a decade of transcontinental explorations

    The SATELLITE launch tour revisits the locations of its cross-border artistic explorations with several of the authors and artists of the anthology.

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  • La ville divergente

    La ville divergente
    Outdoor screening

    After the workshop The Divergent City involving the artist Jean-François Prost, the RAIQ (Regroupement des arts interdisciplinaires du Québec) invited the public to an outdoor screening of the contexts visited and studied by the participating artists.

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    A friendly meeting to trace the retrospective of a fantastic experience. with Patrick Beaulieu, Sylvie Cotton, Martin Dufrasne, Nicole McDonald-Fournier, Estela López Solís, Sonia Pelletier and Jean-François Prost.

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  • 202 500 steps in the city

    202 500 steps in the city
    Public screening

    Come and take part in the reflexions of artists following their experimentation in the contemporary city, as seen through different theoretical lenses as well as spatial, social et political practices.

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  • Jean-François Prost

    Jean-François Prost
    Workshop — Spaces and situations in the contemporary city

    Participants of this workshop will explore the contemporary city through different spatial, political and social theories and practices.

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  • Satellite - Mexico

    Satellite - Mexico

    SATELLITE allows us to outreach new public beyond the territory of Montreal presenting critical and daring artistic practices.

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    Flash presentations

    Les PETITES VITES de DARE-DARE, initiated and organized by our Critical Space Committee, consist of a series of flash presentations within a strict protocol: the speakers have exactly 7 minutes and a visual support of 5 images to make their presentation.

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  • Satellite - Tijuana

    Satellite - Tijuana

    To start its 26th birthday with a bang, DARE-DARE is programming an ambitious project entitled SATELLITE. DARE-DARE will travel to Detroit and Tijuana for three-week “artist-organization-in-residencies” in each city.

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  • Dé-programmer

    Walk with l’atelier SYN-

    This urban walk takes as its working canvas the concept of de-programming: an idea at first associated, in its more pejorative dimension, with a destructuring felt for some years in this sometimes "vampirized" sector that includes Concordia University.

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  • Book launch

    Book launch
    Dis/location 1 - Projet d’articulation urbaine : Square Viger

    This book continues the reflection initiated by the members and collaborators of DARE-DARE with the first part of Dis/location: urban articulation project, which led the center to relocate its offices in 2004 in a temporary shelter at Square Viger until in 2006.

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  • Pratiques du territoire I

    Pratiques du territoire I
    Occupation - dislocation - mutation

    In conjunction with the Fête des fleurs at the no name Park, DARE-DARE offers the public the first part of a series of lectures on the hybrid relationship between art and public space.

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  • Autour de l'Agora

    Autour de lAgora
    Forum Event

    DARE-DARE intends to continue its reflection and experience during the meetings Around the Agora, where artists, sociologists, architects and activists will present approaches, visions, modes of intervention aimed at rethinking the conceptualization, planning, development and organization of the urban landscape.

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  • DARE-DARE dépôt 2004

    DARE-DARE dépôt 2004
    Fundraising activity

    After the success of the 2003 edition of this found-raising event, DARE-DARE come back with its store and sells multiple, mass-produced art objects. The profits will go to found the center activities.

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  • DARE-DARE Dépôt 2003

    DARE-DARE Dépôt 2003
    fundraising event
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  • Cahier Folie/Culture nº7

    Cahier Folie/Culture nº7
    La collection Des idées reçues

    Fifteen members of DARE-DARE were invited to participate in Folie/Culture No. 7, a project created by curators Johanne Huot and Denis Simard.

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  • Christine Brault, Marie-Suzanne Désilets, Jean-François Prost, Marie-Andrée Rho, Philippe Tessier

    Christine Brault, Marie-Suzanne Désilets, Jean-François Prost, Marie-Andrée Rho, Philippe Tessier
    Nulle part / Ailleurs

    Research outside the walls and gallery exhibition of five members of DARE-DARE and photographic presentation of four projects outside the walls, by Guy L'Heureux.

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  • Jean-François Prost

    Jean-François Prost
    Chambre avec vues

    In this outdoor intervention, the room evoked by the title is a shed in a Montreal alley to which the artist had grafted video monitors.

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