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Jennifer AlleynPhoto : François Boucher

Jennifer Alleyn

Born in Switzerland and based in Montreal, Jennifer Alleyn is a multidisciplinary artist whose poetic and cinematic research explores themes of loss, legacy and and uprootedness. The creative process is integrated into the projects she develops and and regularly invokes autofiction. A graduate of Concordia University, she exhibits and and disseminates her work in Canada and abroad. Her protean work, at a human scale, is the recipient of many awards.

Projects of Jennifer Alleyn

  • Archives from Atelier ouvert (excerpts)

     Archives from Atelier ouvert (excerpts)

    Some excerpts from the collective workshops held by Jennifer Alleyn and Raphaëlle de Groot from January 29 to February 6, 2021.

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  • Jennifer Alleyn and Raphaëlle de Groot

    Jennifer Alleyn and Raphaëlle de Groot
    Atelier ouvert

    Opening doors to a virtual studio space, Jennifer and Raphaëlle invite us to a pool. What would you share about yourself? An object? A letter? A tool? A question?

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  • Engendering bio-graphisms, or: know/witnessing one's own (hi)story to create other ones

    Engendering bio-graphisms, or: know/witnessing ones own (hi)story to create other ones
    A text on Jennifer Alleyn and Raphaëlle de Groot

    By Renata Azevedo Moreira

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    First run

    "DUOLOGIE" consists in forming original duos, to activate our programming by this twinning and by the richness of the encounter of artists' sensitivities and singularities.

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