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Katherine-Josée GervaisPhoto : Manoushka Larouche

Katherine-Josée Gervais

Katherine-Josée Gervais is an artist and cultural worker. Living and working in Montréal, she identifies herself as a "femme mûre toujours immature". Her research-creation revolves around the construction of the artist-character, the poetry of emptiness and the performative act. She is particularly interested in the political space that is created at the center of a triangulation formed by the fundamental principles of art action, the artist-individual, and the communities with which she interacts. Her approach, strongly marked by self-representation, includes a practice of drawing, installation, textuality, and art action.

She was employed at DARE-DARE in 2022 and keeps the center (and its mission) tattooed on her heart. As a member, she is involved in the community activities committee with the goal of fostering joyfully uninhibited creative encounters between friends of the center. Her ties to DARE-DARE lead her to reflect on alternative pedagogies, current art in context, and the social bonding it generates in her own community as well as through its various means of infiltration into the public sphere.

Projects of Katherine-Josée Gervais


    Valentine's Day Party

    DARE-DARE Membership Committee is showing its love by inviting you to its first Valentine's Day Party!

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  • Fabuler l'école

    Fabuler l'école
    Fabuler lécole
    Green Classroom

    This edition of Fabuler l'école in the "Green Classroom" formula took place over 3 days in the open air, gathering a group of approximatively 15 people to imagine and experience alternative pedagogies.

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  • Villa — véhicule d’arts actuels et numériques

    Villa — véhicule d’arts actuels et numériques
    Spontaneous support

    DARE-DARE hosts Villa, the contemporary art truck supported by Verticale Centre d'artiste.

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