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Lise Nantel

Projects of Lise Nantel

  • PASSEPORT 2022

    PASSEPORT  2022
    + Festive evening & Auction

    To celebrate DARE-DARE's 37th anniversary with a bang, the PASSEPORT project is more ambitious and unifying than ever. This special edition features 37 artists who have made our center what it is.

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  • Lise Nantel

    Lise Nantel
    Sacred laboratories

    It is with great pleasure that DARE-DARE inaugurates its 1996-1997 programming and its new premises by offering to the public the project of a member artist, Lise Nantel.

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  • Immixtion

    DARE-DARE 10th Anniversary Event

    For its tenth anniversary, DARE-DARE returns to its first intention: a different exhibition per day for ten days.

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  • Lise Landry and Lise Nantel

    Erreur sur la personne

    DARE-DARE presents Lise Landry and Lise Nantel interested in a creative process of double interaction: between the artists themselves, but also between the artists and the public.

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  • Infiniment petit 1990

    Interdisciplinary event

    DARE-DARE repeats the experience of "Petites pièces", but with a leap into the even smaller, into the Infinitely small: the works will not exceed 3 inches x 3 inches.

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  • Les femmes, l’art et la joie

    Louky Bersianik, Nicole Brossard, Nathalie Caron, Martine Chagnon, Carmen Coulombe, Marie Décary, Michèle Delisle, Danielle Hébert, Aline Martineau, Lise Nantel, Pol Pelletier

    multidisciplinary event to mark the fifth anniversary of DARE-DARE.

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