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Manon B. Thibault

Projects of Manon B. Thibault

  • Immixtion

    DARE-DARE 10th Anniversary Event

    For its tenth anniversary, DARE-DARE returns to its first intention: a different exhibition per day for ten days.

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  • Agnès Fortin, Ginette Prince and Manon B. Thibault

    Agnès Fortin, Ginette Prince and Manon B. Thibault

    The exhibition stages different mixes: photo-painting, photo-watercolor, photo-video and other materials that are coupled with photography.

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  • Manon B. Thibault

    Manon B. Thibault
    La cité des cathédrales intérieures – Les grimoires de Pandore, volet IV

    La Cité des cathédrales intérieures, presented at DARE-DARE, are "small temple-theaters perched atop arcades that trace the mad aspirations of the builders of ziggurats.

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  • 11 artists in their neighborhood

    11 artists in their neighborhood
    Alain Bouchard, Rachel Boucher, Yolande Dupuis, Christina Horeau, Raymonde Jodoin, Lise-Hélène Larin, Réal Lauzon, Michel Niquette, Ginette Prince, Manon B. Thibault, Anne Thibault

    This event has four components: open workshops, a clue exhibit, a party and a bus tour.

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