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Manon De Pauw

Projects of Manon De Pauw

  • PASSEPORT 2022

    PASSEPORT  2022
    + Festive evening & Auction

    To celebrate DARE-DARE's 37th anniversary with a bang, the PASSEPORT project is more ambitious and unifying than ever. This special edition features 37 artists who have made our center what it is.

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  • DARE-DARE dépôt 2005

    DARE-DARE dépôt 2005
    Fundraising activity

    DARE-DARE, with its store, sells multiple, mass-produced art objects. The profits will go to found the center activities.

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  • Télétaxi

    Video installation in a cab

    At first glance, Teletaxi does not differ from the other taxis circulating in the streets of the city, but passengers who use it discover an interactive video screen at the rear of the vehicle. At random, passengers-viewers watch short animations and videos made by 12 artists.

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    Fundraising Event

    Benefit event with performances, art videos and musical performances.

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  • DARE-DARE dépôt 2004

    DARE-DARE dépôt 2004
    Fundraising activity

    After the success of the 2003 edition of this found-raising event, DARE-DARE come back with its store and sells multiple, mass-produced art objects. The profits will go to found the center activities.

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  • Manon De Pauw

    Manon De Pauw
    Au travail

    Au travail is the result of a singular residency: a series of in situ shootings carried out at DARE-DARE with the complicity of its team.

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  • Interstices 4 x 5 à 7

    Interstices 4 x 5 à 7
    François Quévillon, Lynn Hughes & Simon Laroche, Adad Hannah, Manon de Pauw, Alexandre Castonguay & Mathieu Bouchard

    Interstices is a research group formed by artists exploring the aesthetic and poetic scope of human-computer interfaces in media arts.

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  • Cahier Folie/Culture nº7

    Cahier Folie/Culture nº7
    La collection Des idées reçues

    Fifteen members of DARE-DARE were invited to participate in Folie/Culture No. 7, a project created by curators Johanne Huot and Denis Simard.

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  • Teenage crisis: group therapy

    Teenage crisis: group therapy

    On the occasion of its fifteenth anniversary, the members and friends of DARE-DARE invite you to four days of collective venting, which we hope will guide you along the path to happiness.

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