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Mario CôtéPhoto: Jean-Philippe Thibault

Mario Côté

Mario Côté, painter, experimental video and art documentary director, lives and works in Montreal. He is interested in sound and music as image propellants in the visual arts. Among other things, he practices the "recording drawing" of sound ambiences, as a monk-copist would perform today without the technological means at our disposal. Sitting down with a board, paper and pencil, he creates "low-definition" recordings. He transcribes sounds methodically from a continuous timeline. Clearly, sound is a powerful gas pedal of the imaginary.

Projects of Mario Côté

  • Book launch

    Book launch
    Dis/location 1 - Projet d’articulation urbaine : Square Viger

    This book continues the reflection initiated by the members and collaborators of DARE-DARE with the first part of Dis/location: urban articulation project, which led the center to relocate its offices in 2004 in a temporary shelter at Square Viger until in 2006.

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  • Télétaxi

    Video installation in a cab

    At first glance, Teletaxi does not differ from the other taxis circulating in the streets of the city, but passengers who use it discover an interactive video screen at the rear of the vehicle. At random, passengers-viewers watch short animations and videos made by 12 artists.

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