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Nicolas Rivard

Nicolas Rivard

Nicolas Rivard is an interdisciplinary artist whose artistic practice consists of integrating himself into the mechanisms of sociality to reveal its main mechanisms. He holds a master's degree in art history on intervention art, and his professional career has led him to collaborate with several art organizations and cultural institutions interested in the integration of art in public spaces.

He has been a member of DARE-DARE since 2015 and has served on its Board for 5 years. He has contributed to the publication SATELLITE. He is a teacher in art history at Cégep de l'Outaouais and taught cultural mediation at Cégep de Saint-Laurent for 5 years. He also acts as a specialist for the policy of integration of arts in architecture. As an artist, his work has been presented in Canada, Europe and Africa.

Projects of Nicolas Rivard

  • Launch tour

    Launch tour
    SATELLITE, a decade of transcontinental explorations

    The SATELLITE launch tour revisits the locations of its cross-border artistic explorations with several of the authors and artists of the anthology.

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