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Nicole Panneton

Nicole Panneton

Nicole Panneton is an interdisciplinary artist from Montréal. In the here and now, she glides from one practice to another freely without identifying herself to a particular discipline. Performance and wandering, drawing, photography, video, textile arts, and writing meet and intertwine with fluidity. A way of thinking and sharing art on a daily basis in the private and public space. Her practices meet and intertwine with fluidity for the realization of exhibitions, self-published works, and videos to relate her life experiences or give new life to her performances. She graduated in visual arts from Concordia University in 1987. She has participated in several solo and group exhibitions in Canada and elsewhere. In the 2000's, an approach to voice exploration and performance art transformed her practice towards a living, malleable and moving one.

She is a member of DARE for its dynamism, a center that offers a space for interaction, sharing and collaboration. She is currently involved on the members' committee. She participated in PASSEPORT DARE-DARE 2018 - Dis/location 6.

Projects of Nicole Panneton


    Valentine's Day Party

    DARE-DARE Membership Committee is showing its love by inviting you to its first Valentine's Day Party!

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  • PASSPORT 2018 + Festive evening

    PASSPORT 2018 + Festive evening
    + Festive evening

    The Montreal multidisciplinary art dissemination center DARE-DARE is re-offending for a fifth edition with PASSPORT DARE-DARE. The public is invited to take part in this art walk activity!

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