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Raphaëlle de Groot

Raphaëlle de Groot

Raphaëlle de Groot gathers traces, images, objects, stories and observations. Her creative projects are the fruit of an encounter with a living environment, a territory and people. She is interested in aspects of the human experience that are difficult to represent, such as sensations, the sense of belonging to the world and various states of attention, presence and engagement. For her "touski", she has prepared a landscape with remnants from Subsistances - Inniun, made on Quebec's North Shore from 2016 to 2017, and from the Entre mer et terre corpus presented at Momenta in 2019. Raphaëlle lives and works between Montreal and Orsigna, Italy. The artist has been presenting her work on the Canadian and international scene for twenty-five years. She has received several distinctions, including the Sobey Award for the Arts in 2012.

Projects of Raphaëlle de Groot

  • Archives from Atelier ouvert (excerpts)

     Archives from Atelier ouvert (excerpts)

    Some excerpts from the collective workshops held by Jennifer Alleyn and Raphaëlle de Groot from January 29 to February 6, 2021.

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  • Jennifer Alleyn and Raphaëlle de Groot

    Jennifer Alleyn and Raphaëlle de Groot
    Atelier ouvert

    Opening doors to a virtual studio space, Jennifer and Raphaëlle invite us to a pool. What would you share about yourself? An object? A letter? A tool? A question?

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  • Engendering bio-graphisms, or: know/witnessing one's own (hi)story to create other ones

    Engendering bio-graphisms, or: know/witnessing ones own (hi)story to create other ones
    A text on Jennifer Alleyn and Raphaëlle de Groot

    By Renata Azevedo Moreira

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    First run

    "DUOLOGIE" consists in forming original duos, to activate our programming by this twinning and by the richness of the encounter of artists' sensitivities and singularities.

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  • Book launch

    Book launch
    Dis/location 1 - Projet d’articulation urbaine : Square Viger

    This book continues the reflection initiated by the members and collaborators of DARE-DARE with the first part of Dis/location: urban articulation project, which led the center to relocate its offices in 2004 in a temporary shelter at Square Viger until in 2006.

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  • Mémoire vive

    Mémoire vive

    Initiated by DARE-DARE in collaboration with the Centre d'histoire de Montréal, Mémoire Vive provided a framework for reflection that brought together artists and stakeholders in the heritage field.

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  • Cahier Folie/Culture nº7

    Cahier Folie/Culture nº7
    La collection Des idées reçues

    Fifteen members of DARE-DARE were invited to participate in Folie/Culture No. 7, a project created by curators Johanne Huot and Denis Simard.

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  • Montreal component (Hochelaga-Maisonneuve neighbourhood)

    Montreal component (Hochelaga-Maisonneuve neighbourhood)
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  • L'Algèbre d'Ariane

    LAlgèbre dAriane
    Exchange and cooperation project between Liege and Montreal (Montreal part)

    L'algèbre d'Ariane is a Liege-Montreal exchange project that explores the links between artistic practices, between singular spaces, between the One and the Other, between the private and the public spheres.

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  • Café liégeois

    Café liégeois

    Le Café liégeois welcomes you and presents "L'Algèbre d'Ariane": a cooperative and relational experiment between twelve artists. The first part has just taken place at Espace Les Brasseurs in Liège (Belgium), and the second will take place in Montreal next October.

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  • Belgian component (Liège)

    Belgian component (Liège)
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  • Raphaëlle de Groot

    Raphaëlle de Groot

    With the help of devices equipped with magnifying lenses, the artist closely observed the surface of his skin as if it were something absolutely unknown.

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