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Sarah Johnson

Sarah Johnson

Sarah Johnson is a young graduate from Rosemere who has just arrived in Tiohtià:ke/Montreal. Her valley girl looks only appeal to those who merely know her superficially. Indeed, behind this barely caricatured facade lies a committed and reckless Super Reporter, who gives a hard time to prejudices during the day, but who also knows how to wiggle in the downtown hot spots at night.

She gets her boldness from the cinematic icons featuring the art of guts: Erin Brockovich, the Campus Bunny, Cindy Campbell, Isabelle Huppert in Elle, Kimberly Hart, and not forgetting Thelma and Louise to name a few. Although she is slowly mastering her body and her new role as a reporter, she is not above attracting attention to get what she wants.

Projects of Sarah Johnson

  • Mighty Sarah Johnson dépose son mémoire sur la table

    Mighty Sarah Johnson dépose son mémoire sur la table

    Sarah Johnson invites you to attend the tabling of her memoir, a performative public presentation in which she will reveal the results of her undercover intervention at Polytechnique in collaboration with the POLY-OUT committee.

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  • Mighty Sarah Johnson

    Mighty Sarah Johnson

    A reporter with polymorphous powers investigates the day-to-day reality of sexual and gender minorities at Polytechnique Montréal. Eyebrows raised.

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  • Mutual futures

    Mutual futures
    2023-2024 programming

    Mutual futures invokes the multiple forms and modalities of being communities.

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