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Susan Turcot

Susan Turcot

Susan Turcot has worked as a professional artist since 1991, based in Berlin, London and Montreal. Her drawings, site-specific works, sculptures and video works have been exhibited in Europe, North America and Brazil and are included in numerous international collections. She is a professor at the École des arts visuels et médiatiques at UQAM and contributes to projects with Gisèle Trudel and Ælab as part of her Canada Research Chair in Art, Ecotechnologies of Practice and Climate Change. In her work, she looks at her own practice and those of others to see how we can respond more directly to the spaces we inhabit. Since the 1990s, she has investigated large-scale ecological and economic processes such as deforestation and the exploitation of other natural resources, as well as people, by working and recording in situ. She balances her personal drawing practices with collaborations that emerge out of a need to respond to the many human-induced ecological crises surrounding us. Observation, portraiture, reportage drawing, sound work are all methods that interest her when exchanging with researchers and various people interested in collaborating. Susan is a member of DARE-DARE since 2022. Particularly interested in the Fabuler l'école initiative, she joined the Espace critique committee in order to share her ideas on alternative pedagogies.

Projects of Susan Turcot

  • Fabuler l'école

    Fabuler l'école
    Fabuler lécole
    Exercise books, reflection tool, magic kit or all of the above

    The Critical Space Committee of DARE-DARE welcomes and joins a group of participants in the solarium of the Cité-des-hospitalières.

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